[KITS] Rancher and FreeNas NFS HowTo

Keeping It Totally Simple: Deploy Heimdall 

Summary: Deploy a kubernetes cluster using docker as the container engine and FreeNas for the persistent storage service. Deploy heimdall workload and keep all your important links in one place. Enjoy!

  1. Deploy Ubuntu Server as Host
  2. Deploy FreeNas Server ( skip if you don't want to use NFS)
  3. Install Rancher on Ubuntu
  4. Enable ZFS Pool and create a Generic dataset
  5. Set the user and group as the same user on the Ubuntu server
  6. Create Rancher cluster and deploy nodes for etcd, controlplane, and worker
  7. Setup Persistent Storage to NFSv4 share
  8. Deploy heimdall and bind persistent storage to use as a volume
  9. Verify http/https ports are open and PUID and PGUID are set to 1000
  10. Enjoy!

To understand the permissions with FreeNas more watch this video.
Watch this video understand how to setup Rancher.